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City Council

City Council members serve a term of 4 years. Two council members are elected every two years.

Mayor -

 Bill CArlson


Merrill Oregon is a fantastic place to live and work. It is an honor to serve as mayor. In this position I’ll seek to maintain and enhance the things that make Merrill great- safe communities, small town values, and the opportunities to raise a strong family and pursue your endeavors.
Best Regards from Merrill;
Bill Carlson

Council Member - Cindy Taylor


I have chosen to live and work in Merrill Oregon and have done so for 20 years. It is a great community, with a friendly & safe environment, and a wonderful place to raise a family. I am truly blessed to call Merrill my home.

I am honored to serve on City Council and grateful for this opportunity to serve the City of Merrill & her Citizens. I will do my best to represent the Citizens of Merrill and to uphold my responsibilities as I work with other city officials and departments to help maintain and improve our community environment.

In God we trust,

Cindy Taylor


Council Member - Melody Smith


Bio coming soon...

Council Member - Cindy Lesh


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Council Member - Dick Carleton


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